Cooling Modification, Ameritron AL-80BXCE Amplifier

800 W CW

Modification of Cooling

The cooling system of the AL-80B is very quit but the airflow is low...especially considering the backpressure.
The best cooling system would be a chimney cooling, from the bottom up.
A chimney cooling is not possible but a new fan to increase the airflow.
Therefore I exchange the fan typ from Papst 4800z to Papst 4606z.
In the followig diagrams you can compare the performance of the both fans.
Attention: Not only the airflow increase but also the the sound. If you want a quit not do the modification.

The data specifications shows the performance for 60Hz.
We have in Germany 50Hz, that means reduced performance: 2650rpm and 152m3/h airflow.
Sound pressure level at 50Hz: 37 dB(A)


Original Fan

New Fan